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Bhutan – Kingdom of Happiness

October 14th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

On the full moon of October 14, I am remembering Bhutan on the three year anniversary of my enchanted trek there in October of 2005. The moon was also full then. Bhutan is a tiny kingdom in the Himalayas whose gross national product is said to be happiness. I took a million pictures and videos that I’ve only recently begun condensing into a manageable few hundreds. I plan to streamline the presentation but if you’d like to drop back into time, into a land of wonder and indeed, primitive happiness, then this slideshow is for you. Full show is available at Webshots if you are still enthralled after the first fifty that are apparently the limit on the website. It begins with a harrowing video flight over the Himalayas that culminates with a successful touchdown in the Paro airport which is said to be the world’s most challenging place to make a landing. Bhutan is nestled between China and India and yet has managed to remain independent.

Best of Bhutan

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