All Transformation All The Time!

A Ripple in the force, world-wide

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Way down in the jungle

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This is an original song, lyrics by G.G.Simmons, which was recorded by Jack Cheshire and Tim Goudy on this crisp October afternoon in Granville, Ohio. It will be remembered as the premier production of Jack’s Basement Series Productions (JBSP) as it tears like wildfire through the internet.

Bhutan – Kingdom of Happiness

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On the full moon of October 14, I am remembering Bhutan on the three year anniversary of my enchanted trek there in October of 2005. The moon was also full then. Bhutan is a tiny kingdom in the Himalayas whose gross national product is said to be happiness. I took a million pictures and videos that I’ve only recently begun condensing into a manageable few hundreds. I plan to streamline the presentation but if you’d like to drop back into time, into a land of wonder and indeed, primitive happiness, then this slideshow is for you. Full show is available at Webshots if you are still enthralled after the first fifty that are apparently the limit on the website. It begins with a harrowing video flight over the Himalayas that culminates with a successful touchdown in the Paro airport which is said to be the world’s most challenging place to make a landing. Bhutan is nestled between China and India and yet has managed to remain independent.
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Yikes, Ike!

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The long octopus arms of Ike swirled in to the Gulf and simultaneously impacted every coastal edge from south Florida to south Mexico. In Pensacola, we normally step off the end of this walkover onto at least a hundred feet of dry, white sandy beach. On this day as Ike churned towards its Texas landfall, we discovered that the gulf’s free flowing waters had relocated all the sand from the beach and out from under the walkover and into the picnic tables and across the road. Watch the slide/video show below to witness the power of nature yourself – but turn the volume down because that wind is loud!

cimg0526.JPG   cimg0531.JPG

Yikes, Ike blows!

Meet Jesus

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Jesus is my Jellybean Parrotfish who swims behind my back in my consulting room. Clients gaze in his direction and are amused and amazed at his gold digging ways. He regularly scoops up gravel in his mouth and deposits it in a different area, sometimes amassing quite a mountain where previously there was a flatland. He also enjoys rousting out Lucifer, the primordial, sharkish sucker fish who lurks like a dark shadow under the gargoyle arch. Either of them are likely to suddenly smack up against the closed lid which is sure to startle the contemplative client. In his spare time, Jesus enjoys an ongoing game of chess with the curious cats who stop in from time to time to make a move. I’ve had this Jesus for four years. I bought him to replace his predecessor who had lived ten years in this aquarium. Jesus 1 originally belonged to and was named by my son Shawn when he was in middle school. There were, in fact, four of these fish and were named: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Moses. The others died out but Jesus lived long and large. In the spirit of ‘all transformation, all the time’ I am proud to highlight him in this week’s blog as he is enjoying crystal clean new water. The clarity is a big improvement over the green gunk that previously prevailed.

Standing in the edgezone of time

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Stand with me in the edgezone at sunset as the waves wash endlessly to shore. When you walk along the beach at low tide, it is easy to behold the wonder of the treasures those big unconscious rollers have delivered up onto the smooth, white sand of the conscious mind.

Contemplate at the Wellness Institute

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Today we are celebrating the two year anniversary of The Wellness Institute and reviewing the process of becoming which has made this happy success possible. It has been a lesson in the fact of transformative trauma and how those seemingly disastrous events that initially bring panic turn out to be rich sources of valuable learnings for which we eventually become deeply grateful. I in no way welcomed the ‘pulling of the rug from under me’ that the closing of The Avery Center where I had practiced for four years represented. I would have never been motivated to uproot and transplant had it not been for this seemingly traumatic necessity. Scrambling to ‘put down the track while the train ran over it’ was harrowing indeed. But I so bless the day and even the way it all came down each time I sit at the wellspring and contemplate the abundant wellbeing I experience today. And special thanks to Tim Goudy and Melissa Hansen who have made all things possible as my support team and operations managers.


Graduation & Transformation 8-8-8

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On this date, Shawn Lankton turned 25 and Alicia Lankton graduated, cum laude in Psychology from FSU in Tallahassee. She received her Bachelor of Science degree. Pomp and circumstance prevailed to mark the occasion. She also started a new position as a Recovery Specialist and Case Manager at a mental health facility in Tallahassee. To see the slideshow, right click inside the ‘play’ box and then left click somewhere in the same box to get the darn thing to play. Don’t know why this glitch occurs, but that’s the only solution I’ve found so far.

My Private Shoebox

Birthday Inferno

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Airstream news flash

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The Airstream is all decked out for Christmas here on the driveway at the Wellness Institute.

Airstream Christmas Tree