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Contemplate at the Wellness Institute

September 1st, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Today we are celebrating the two year anniversary of The Wellness Institute and reviewing the process of becoming which has made this happy success possible. It has been a lesson in the fact of transformative trauma and how those seemingly disastrous events that initially bring panic turn out to be rich sources of valuable learnings for which we eventually become deeply grateful. I in no way welcomed the ‘pulling of the rug from under me’ that the closing of The Avery Center where I had practiced for four years represented. I would have never been motivated to uproot and transplant had it not been for this seemingly traumatic necessity. Scrambling to ‘put down the track while the train ran over it’ was harrowing indeed. But I so bless the day and even the way it all came down each time I sit at the wellspring and contemplate the abundant wellbeing I experience today. And special thanks to Tim Goudy and Melissa Hansen who have made all things possible as my support team and operations managers.


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