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Meet Jesus

September 13th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Jesus is my Jellybean Parrotfish who swims behind my back in my consulting room. Clients gaze in his direction and are amused and amazed at his gold digging ways. He regularly scoops up gravel in his mouth and deposits it in a different area, sometimes amassing quite a mountain where previously there was a flatland. He also enjoys rousting out Lucifer, the primordial, sharkish sucker fish who lurks like a dark shadow under the gargoyle arch. Either of them are likely to suddenly smack up against the closed lid which is sure to startle the contemplative client. In his spare time, Jesus enjoys an ongoing game of chess with the curious cats who stop in from time to time to make a move. I’ve had this Jesus for four years. I bought him to replace his predecessor who had lived ten years in this aquarium. Jesus 1 originally belonged to and was named by my son Shawn when he was in middle school. There were, in fact, four of these fish and were named: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Moses. The others died out but Jesus lived long and large. In the spirit of ‘all transformation, all the time’ I am proud to highlight him in this week’s blog as he is enjoying crystal clean new water. The clarity is a big improvement over the green gunk that previously prevailed.

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